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Will Digital Wrench run on a Mac, Anroid tablet, or Iphone?
Digital Wrench is designed to run on any computer that runs the full version of Windows 7, 8, 10and 11. It will not run on a MAC, Iphone or Android device.

If you need a portable device there are now several tablets available that run Windows. Put the demo on a Flash drive and have them run it for you.
Is Digital Wrench an on line program?
Digital Wrench is designed to run on your computer. If the Internet connection does not work Digital will still run. If you subscribe you will need an internet connection to get your month code, or you will need to call us. By staying off the Internet there is no worry about being hacked or not knowing where your data is stored in the world.
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Will Digital Wrench work for my business?
Digital Wrench was designed for the repair business, of which there are hundreds. Many options can be customized to work for your business in the setup areas of Digital Wrench. Download the trial version, install the motorcycle data, then call and  set up a time for us to walk through the setup.
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I didn't find an invoice on your website that will work for me, do have have other invoices?
If you need an invoice you did not see on the website we have another 15 plus customizable invoices in our report writer. We also have custom invoices for the Point of Sale and the To Do list. If none of those work we can create a custom invoice for you, normal price for a custom invoice is 50 to 100 dollars.

We run on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.

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Does Digital Wrench keep track of Taxes, Income,Inventory, Work done by technicians, reminders, Customer Repair Order History, Vehicle History, and Monthly/Yearly Reports?

Yes, and much more
Can I print my logo on the invoice and Estimate?

If you have a jpg, or bmp graphic file you can copy it into the wrench folder then go into Company setup on the printer tab and tell the repair software what the name of the logo is. The logo prints on most invoices.
Can I run your software on more than one computer and share the data?

You can purchase the multi computer version of Digital Wrench and run 2 to 4 computers which share repair orders, customers, history, everything in fact. If you need more than 4 computers we can add as many as you need. All you need is a standard Windows based network.
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Will Digital Wrench repair shop software track my inventory?

Our repair shop software will track your inventory. You can set levels that will put parts on a suggested re order list for you. If you don't have inventory you can enter parts into a repair order without any problems.


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