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History of VMT Software and Digital Wrench

VMT Software was founded in May of 1989. We have focused on creating software for business that is easy to use, powerful and affordable.

Our first commercial software was Video Shoppe, a Point of Sale software for video stores to track inventory, late fees, customers, history and much more. It evolved into one of the best programs available for running a video store. This software is still sold today. We sold thousands of Video Shoppe programs over the years.
Digital Wrench

Digital Wrench was first written in 2000. From 2000 to 2012 we sold this software and made minor changes. In 2012 we deemed Digital Wrench, our repair order shop software, our main product. At that point we began rewriting the software into the newest version of our programming language. This gave us the ability to add features we never could have before.

We have added hundreds of new options, 35 plus invoices, email marketing features, a Point of Sale option, reminder lists, just to name a few of the features. Our customer testimonials will attest to how well the software works. Download the full working trial version and try it yourself.

We have added special configuration options to let the users of our repair order software name several of the fields for entry in the vehicle/machine entry form. Custom invoices work with the custom fields so you can create invoices and estimates that use them.


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